subway tile around hood..

awesome turquoise subway tile backsplash with bright white cabinets/counters & brushed stainless appliances .

Picture of modern kitchen with brown and white furniture

Mansions: Dream Home Called Lam House by Nico van der Meulen Architects, Johannesburg, South Africa

modern kitchen

We have chosen a collection of 15 Modern Marble Kitchen Designs to show you how you can give the kitchen a sleek and exquisite look by adding marble designs

Modern kitchen

this picture has the island and gas range we would like, so we can sit and eat around it on night we choose to do korean bbq.

Modern Kitchen

This modern Catskills house by Audrey Matlock Architects has a distinct contemporary style that’s dressed to the nines in its own, simple way.

Casa Q by Agraz Arquitectos

Awesome Red Stools and Bright Lamps in the Casa Agraz Arquitectos Kitchen with White Cabinets and Long Island,