DIY with Design Mom: Marbling with Nail Polish

Marbleize tags, boxes, bottles - pretty much anything - with this easy DIY technique. All you need is nail polish - design mom

United Soul brand identity and tags A Friend of Mine.

Front tag with blind embossed logo at the bottom, die cut reveals artisans photo on second tag beneath, and their story underneath that. RRP on reverse of the back tag United Soul brand identity and tags

Self promotion idea. Here's an interesting idea - this is a fabric sampler - but how about reducing your work - writer/photographer/blogger/designer - to a miniature scale and attach them to hang tags to show off your creativity as well as your fab talent.

CM Commitee- attach fabric or theme colors/fabrics/images/info to hang tags and attach to hot chocolate cups or on handouts

Gorgeous dip-dyed DIY gift tags. Must try! #Brother

Postcards From a Hoarder: Dye Tags

Aunt Peaches: Postcards From a Hoarder: Dye Tags Lanie says: Gorgeous! Would love to put some pretty calligraphy on these!

Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects

Stranger & Stranger is simply the best packaging designer for wine and spirits.