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Antonio Mora

Surreal pieces of Art by Antonio Mora, a Spain-based artist who spent several years working as an art director in the industry. Mora — now a full-time artist — describes himself as someone who creates.

Surreal photos…

Surreal photos…

Anyone know the name of the artist? Know I have seen it (in a behind the scenes look at the ship photo), but can't remember. :( UPDATE: artist is Erik Johansson:


This series of collages, titled “Natural Act” is the work of Istanbul artist Merve Özaslan. What a fun, gorgeous reminder that all of us, even the big city dwellers, are in fact part of nature!

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Projection photography by Lee Kirby. This could be cool with places in a famous country and then the skyline in black and white (portrait)


Using people as canvases…

Alexa Meade paints portraits on the human body that turn real life people…

Geometric shapes, cut-out, abstract, disjointed, by Sølve Sundsbø

George Cortina styles Kati Nescher in ‘Organic Neon-Tech’, a testament to century eco-conscious dressing made of high-tech fabrics. Sølve Sundsbø lenses Nescher for Vogue Japan’s October issue.

kan forflytte deler av bildet ved å filme gjennom vann(glass)

Black & White photo: Artistic yet beautiful and extremely powerful shot. Michele Clement is the winner of Black & White Spider Awards 2007 in category “Outstanding Achievement”. By Michele Clement

{ cameraless photography: laid on the floor in a rainstorm, exposed by lightning } | Floris Neususs

likeafieldmouse: “ Floris Neussus - Gewitterbild, Kassel - Cameraless photograph, laid on the ground in a rainstorm, exposed by lightning ”

Collage art by Pablo Thecuadro — T H E •• T W O

wetheurban: “ Handmade Collages by Pablo ThecuadRo Keeping old school craft alive in the digital era! A closer look at the mind-bending handmade collage artworks of Spanish photographer and artist Pablo Thecuadro.

Textured image by Jose Romussi.

Textured Images with Jose Romussi