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A trippy book cover illustrating the effects of drugs on the human mind.

Drugs and Human Behaviour, Gordon Claridge - paper-cut design vintage Pelican cover

The Godfather - Saul Bass - Non-Alamo Graphic Art Movie Posters

The Godfather - Saul Bass - Non-Alamo Graphic Art Movie Posters. Although he uses a lot of bold and solid shapes in his work they form familiar images like this one representing the movie called The Godfather.


I used the colours of this poster as my inspiration but i wanted to use a brighter blue with brown to contrast each other and stand out with the bright and dark. I thought about adding a border to my poster but felt like it would over the fashion vibe.

So Dies the Dreamer , 1960 One of two fathers of The Mad Men Title Sequence - jacket cover design from the book So Dies The Dreamer along with the Vertigo poster by Saul Bass.

Separated at Birth: Falling Man

'So Dies the Dreamer,' c. 1960 is one of two fathers of the Mad Men title sequence (jacket cover design from the book 'So Dies The Dreamer,' along with the 'Vertigo' poster by Saul Bass).

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