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All white everything. So peaceful. Can we use this to create a sense of what peace is? Starting with chaotic color and mess?

I like the idea of recognisable objects/things but not as we know them. sense of experiencing every day things for the first time

SALOME Richard Strauss Royal Opera House 2008 Director: David McVicar / Lighting: Wolfgang Goebbel / Video: Studio 59 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 Gallery Projects Biography

Es Devlin is a Stage Designer. She creates kinetic sculptures meshed with light and film for opera, dance, film, theatre, runway shows and concerts.


Maria Stuarda at the Royal Opera House Production by Moshe Leiser and Patrice Caurier. Sets by Christian Fenouillat.

I want my set to be staged in this configuration, with a corner at centre upstage. I also want large and tall walls that dwarf the audience.

Rufus Didwiszus: I absolutely ADORE this set design. The large walls dwarf the actors and create a definite border for the storyworld. I would like my set to have large, tall walls creating a dwarf effect.