Skyscraper-Art-project Incorporates architechture, artist Marz Jr. Background:  Look at line drawings of famous buildings alongside photos of the same building

Skyscraper Line Drawing

Inspired by Illustrator Marz Jr and pictures of New York skyscrapers, kids draw a retro line drawing. Recommended by Iggy Peck Architect, book by Andrea Beaty.

London Towers by Cheism

London Towers Art Print

London Towers Art Print - This print would look really nice in a picture frame on a wall!

Austin Briggs

Austin Briggs create a compelling environment inside of his drawings.

Yann Kebbi

A vibrant concentration of humanity, seen through earnest eyes of wonderment and infectious enthusiasm.

Leatherworkers at Hyfact Ltd, Links Yard, Spelman St., by Lucinda Rogers

Leatherworkers at Hyfact Ltd, Links Yard- Lucinda Rogers 48 x ink, crayon and watercolours, Private collection

Oliver Jeffers Projects - Cartography

Art on the Go: the 5 hour trip of the day including sketches and map Oliver Jeffers’ charming moleskine city map illustrations.

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