Blackboard paint tree slices for natural mark making on the go. Great outdoor mark making idea. Kiddies could do this before working in their sketchbook. A basket of these for children to take out and explore.

26 Beautiful Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint

Move on from mark-making to tone. This combines the two!

Graphite shading, Sharpie hatching, pattern, and themed patterns (the theme being Vampires) If you're going from left to right, # 4 & 5 in that last row need to be switched.

Sticks and ink mark making

Sticks and ink mark making. Could also be considered as leading markers for early paper.

Absolutely Lovely! Such amazing mark making!

Illustration Approach: Fast This image portrays 'fast' though the movement seen in the stroke and it's rough and urgent nature.

Mark making. Portfolio Oomph - getting you into art college.

Hmmm, this is only info, & link doesn't work: Mark making. Online support covering all aspects of applying to art college.

Mark Making ideas/ inspiration

“Untitled” Mark Making