I think the angles created by light and dark are very striking because they create a strong sense of perspective and dimension whilst stripping away all colour. The light/dark takes away from the actual shape of the room and creates a new, unusual one.

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You know that feeling you get when someone's behind you? I crave it. I.... it reminds me of you I suppose, the way you made me feel, your dark eyes filled with this... this instinct... I didn't know whether to run away or to fall into your arms. So follow me home. It's not fear that's making my heart beat faster. It's the memory of you.

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The girls in their long skirts rushed through the open hallway, racing towards the darkness at the end that descended in a spiral staircase deep, deep below the castle to who knows where.

Piscina Mirabilis in Bacoli, Naples, Italy. It was a freshwater cistern on the Bacoli cliff at the western end of the Gulf of Naples & one of the largest freshwater cisterns built by the ancient Romans,

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Serjios, whose real name is Serge Najjar is a Lebanese photographer who transcribed with talent graphics and greatness of architectural facades.