Farm role play area with farm shop?

Farm role play area with farm shop? We have a farm visiting the museum at the moment.

Nativity corner Christmas role play

I'm trying to think of ways that we can make a Nativity role-play, without it being too messy. Maybe we just put straw in the manger?

Hospital Role play area. Play based learning.

This pin gives good ideas on how to set up a medical play area in which children can act out their medical fears, they can have fun, and they reenact or prepare for procedures.

Using a corner roleplay frame, create a fire engine. Thanks to our fantastic Teaching Assistant our role play is ready for a fire station theme!

What talented teaching assistants we have! The children in EYFS loved dressing up and being firefighters. Very exciting!

Dinosaur dark den role play area.

Dinosaur dark den, another idea of how you could set up a great dinosaur interactive learning environment for the children to pretend to role play