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The best is when they make you out to be mad and even try to make u think your imagining the 8 emails from wowcher one after another which is an alert that lisa has msged so go to your hidden pop 3 account, oh ebay emaile times reminding you about baby newborn  car seat for our 5 yr old, oh its kittykat or emma maybe or Helen hmmmm do they all know about each other i wonder haha..

Or the trash whore will say things like, I don't want to break up a happy marriage and home life. Try to justify it any way you please, the fact of the matter is you'll always be a whore because you want to be!

Shit they don't even respect themselves so they deserve to be treated like the whore they are!

So desperate and pathetic-creeper! You are a disgusting human! YOU UGLY FAT DESPERATE Trashy act like a teenage girl grow up pig

And im greedy ;) hey hubby xx

Replies are welcome! (public or private) How many orgasms per day?