Name graphing!

I do this at the beginning of the year to work on name recognition but I really like how this graph is set up! Back to School - math counting

A quick get to know you/math (counting and graphing) activity

For attendance? A quick get to know you/math (counting and graphing) activity. Later in the year students can generate the questions and write them. Place on light colored paper, laminate, and questions can be added with white board marker.

Data Handling

Our 5 favorite 2nd grade math worksheets

grade math worksheets slide show - Worksheets and Activities - Reading data on bar graphs

NEWLY UPDATED! This collection of 7 graphs and 2 tally charts will help your students get to know one another while practicing data collection and ...

FREE set of 9 graphing and tallying activities. Great for getting to know you at the beginning of school! kindergartenklub-com

Math Tubs, Sweetheart Snatchin�

data charts to help keep all those different names straight. Add line plot, and maybe do in a math notebook as well as an anchor chart?

Smarties graphs

Smartie Math

Smarties graphs I'm using this as one of my math BUILD centres for 'U' - Using Manipulatives

Fun data handling games for children

Free data handling activities for children including making bar charts, tally chart activities and pictograms.

Do you have a Brother or a Sister venn Mrs. Morrow's Kindergarten: Beginning of the Year

Beginning of the Year: Kindergarten: this is also a good activity to get everyone involved in the lesson and will help you learn more about each child!