Alistair Sowerbutts

Alistair Sowerbutts

Expect much Nintendo stuff, Apple stuff, other stuff. When not posting pictures of stuff, I write. A bit. Do check out The Pyn King! @ali5tair IG:ali5tairj5
Alistair Sowerbutts
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My art Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel bucky barnes winter soldier mcu stucky catws They all need a hug dianmz

Captain America BL Doujinshi - I've Never Seen That Look On Your Face Before 1 (Bucky x Steve)

I love Steve and Bucky sleeping together. Not romantically, but protectively.

You're still the same - credits: Hamletmachine

hamletmachine: “A cleaned up post-WS Bucky/Steve sketches based on Stereobone’s fantastic idea♥♥ ”