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London, UK  ·  Writer. Brit. Confirmed Japanophile. Kit Kat addict. Finding photos of food, fashion, Japan & travel.
Ali Muskett
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Hokusai Gojira

I tried to celebrate the astonishing power of the King of the Monsters through a personal reinterpretation of an icon (The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai), with a little grunge twist to it.

Hanako in Roppongi, 2012

Taking the pulse of trends, trend-watchers and trend-makers in Japan.

Desigual Japanesa Duvet cover

Made in Europe with a Japanese-inspired galactic pattern. There are several sizes for single and double beds. PACK indicates a set that includes a duvet cover pillowcase(s).

laura ashley map dress - Google Search

Oh my gosh. I thought this day was never going to arrive! I have been day dreaming about this dress since the press release hit my inbox, .