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What is actual fuck is happening? are Troye and Tyler actually kissing? What a wonderful day for the troyler fandom

Its ironic because im fangirling even more because this pic is of Tyler and Troy!!!! AHHHHHHH!!

Fangirling - Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan . So true XD its me and my mom XD

My 2 favriote peeps (; (comment if you think the's gentalmen are pretty and if not then ur uncool duh ther preety

Harry Styles and Tyler Oakley You stood on the wrong side Tyler. What were you thinking?

DIY: Glitter Candles | Brunch at Saks

DIY: Glitter Candle tutorial (using Mod Podge & glitter). What if we did this with baby food jars or something like that? It would hide the "fake" candles we have to use but be simply and pretty and add some pizazz & maybe some gold if you want.

Makeup Organizer

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DIY cute project with kids @Tasha Adams Adams Adams Adams Blue Steven would loveee this

Make DIY snow globes. This easy and awesome craft is great to do during the winter months! This DIY snow globe is great a small gift for the holidays. All you need is a mason jar, water, water proof super glue, a small figure, and glitter.

DIY: cute picture collage idea for college dorm. Part of the reason I like this is because of the minions :)

DIY: cute picture collage idea for college dorm. (Or cute for a wedding or any gift)

Ideas for tween room

Teen girl's bedroom with vanity loft bunk bed set. Great little study and getaway area for a teen. I have wanted a bunk bed/loft for ever! I can just sit here and stare at the screen like I ACTUALLY have this. love this