Laura Barnard / "In The Big City" / Massive detailed cityscape, based on the view over hilly Bristol.

Check out these illustrations by Laura Barnard .i'm a sucker for architectural line drawings, cityscapes and looking up at the sky.

I definitely know that she must have been inspired by a particular icon. Just a wild guess… but hey, I like it anyway.

Creative Cityscape Illustrations by Laura Barnard - Look In Unexpected Places

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Wall-E is very similar to Owl eys in such ways. Wall-E has those big eyes like a owl and he romes around in a land where there is no one else and its all trash and desolite.

Jairo Conde- Wall-e Is an intricate movie with a forshowdow of how our future is going to look like!


Today’s classic artist is Alphonse Mucha. Czech artist and one of the founders of art nouveau. Mucha’s studio.Mucha’s self-portrait. Find more wonderful artwork by Mucha in books …

<p>It’s been a long time since I’ve stumbled upon an illustrator who has been able to bring a bit of freshness into the illustrating world. Kelsey Beckett’s illustrations of beautifu

Kelsey Beckett Gorgeous Ladies Illustrations

supersonicart: “ Kesley Beckett, New Work. Brand new paintings by the wonderful Kelsey Beckett (Previously on Supersonic).

内田 正泰 作品 : 「勇気」との散歩道で 出会い

内田 正泰 作品 : 「勇気」との散歩道で 出会い