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x ray flowers downloadable | Ray Flower by coopr on deviantART

X-ray of stalk of flowers - I wish I could remember the name (any suggestions). X-Ray Flower

Rose X-ray

x-Ray Rose - Bild Foto von Frank Thiesen aus Strukturen .

X-ray photography: hidden beauty inside

Bryan Whitney's X-ray artwork reveals the inner beauty of flowers and everyday objects. The images are made with an x-ray machine and, amazingly, no camera is involved in capturing these pictures.

X-ray photography of nature. May 2016. Poppies Buttercups Cow parsley. #poppies #buttercup #cowparsley #photo #photograph #nature #instanature #xrays #xray ...

X-ray photography of nature. May Poppies Buttercups Cow parsley.

inorganic flower via @designboom

based on his research of botanical drawings and photography the japanese artist macoto murayama created the collection 'inorganic flora': a new form of plant depiction that transcends accepted (common, usual) horizons of botanical illustration'.