Spiritual machines

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a tall sculpture made out of sticks on top of a black stand with white background
Spiritual Machines - Totem 21
"Spiritual Machines - Totem 21” recycled objects: Mini digital video tapes, 150 x 39 x 5.5 cm , eco-friendly copper coloured wire, 260 × 28 cm, 2023
several shelves filled with different types of coppers and other metal objects on white shelving
Spiritual Machines in the studio (detail), 2024
a tall wooden sculpture on top of a black base
Spiritual Machines - Totem 23
"Spiritual Machines - Totem 23” recycled objects: Boomboxes and stereo-blasters, eco-friendly copper coloured wire, 260 × 28 cm, 2023
a tall metal sculpture with a square light on it's head and two rectangular lights at the top
Spiritual Machines - Totem 20
"Spiritual Machines - Totem 20" recycled objects: LCD display, remote control and six cinch plugs, TV, alarm clock, two iPhone charger plugs, keyboard for tablet, two FireWire plugs, pc keyboard and USB plugs, Apple Bluetooth keyboard, two USB plugs, eco-friendly copper-coloured wire, 248 × 35 cm, 2023
a tall metal sculpture on top of a black base with lots of copper colored squares
Spiritual Machines - Totem 19
"Spiritual Machines - Totem 19" recycled objects: iPhone, iPad, screen diffuser, MacBook, telephone plugs, portable DVD player, camera charger, battery charger, digital picture frame, two external HDD’s, portable DVD player, two mobile phones, Internet router, mini game console, 1 phone splitter, internet router, two phone splitters, eco-friendly copper-coloured wire, 198 × 37.5 cm, 2023
a black and white photo of a woman holding a cell phone
Memorisation: weaving technique created in 2010
Memorisation: weaving technique created in 2010 that consists of encircling an object with an eco-friendly copper coloured wire, as Anderson gets to know the object, she builds and memorises the relationship with ‘it’.
a close up of a metal object with two square pieces attached to the back of it
Spiritual Machines - Totem 36
"Spiritual Machines - Totem 36" recycled objects: computer tablets, speaker tablets, ram, remote control, eco-friendly copper-coloured wire, 42 × 57 cm, 2021
there are many different types of objects on the table
Spiritual Machines, Statuette 07
"Spiritual Machines, Statuette 07", 38 × 17 cm, 2020, "Spiritual Machines, Statuette 31", 28 × 10 cm, 2020, "Spiritual Machines, Statuette 30", 25 × 7 cm, 2020, "Spiritual Machines, Statuette 29", 18 x 6 cm, 2020, "Spiritual Machines, Statuette 28", 17 × 16 cm, 2020, "Spiritual Machines, Statuette 27", 17 × 3 cm, 2020
a metal object with two holes in the middle
Spiritual Machines, Statuette 78
"Spiritual Machines, Statuette 78" recycled objects: VHS tape in case and VHS tape, eco-friendly copper coloured wire, 16 × 11 cm, 2023
two sculptures are on display in front of a white wall and one has a brown head
Spiritual Machines, Statuette 53
"Spiritual Machines, Statuette 53" recycled objects: video editing keyboard, computer keyboard, network storage server, eco-friendly copper-coloured wire, 67 × 25 cm, 2021 and Ape mask, Asia, Nepal, Rajbhansi People, carved wood, late 19th century
two wooden sculptures sitting on top of each other
Spiritual Machines, Statuette 23
"Spiritual Machines, Statuette 23" recycled objects: USB hub, flip camera battery, bank pin pad, eco-friendly copper-coloured wire24 × 07 cm and "Spiritual Machines, Statuette 24" 2019, recycled objects: dv tape, tea strainer, piano wire, eco-friendly copper-coloured wire, 30 × 09 cm, 2019
a sculpture made out of two pieces of wood and copper foil on top of a wooden block
Spiritual Machines, Statuette 77
"Spiritual Machines, Statuette 77" recycled objects: Meross M55 210 Smart plugs and 2 USB power adapters, eco-friendly copper-coloured wire, 23.5 × 7 cm, 2013 eco-friendly copper-coloured wire, 23.5 × 7 cm, 2013
a close up of a metal object on a white background
Spiritual Machines, Statuette 54
"Spiritual Machines, Statuette 54" recycled objects: BT router, AC adapter, speaker bases, eco-friendly
a pink sculpture is sitting on top of a piece of wood
Spiritual Machines, Statuette 71
"Spiritual Machines, Statuette 71" recycled objects: Hard drive 3.5 inches, built in TV speakers, eco-friendly copper-coloured wire, 29.5 × 11 cm, 2023
an image of a metal object on a white background with clippings to the side
Spiritual Machines, Statuette 38
"Spiritual Machines, Statuette 38" recycled objects: recycled objects: hard drive, speaker volume control, tracker bracelet, eco-friendly copper-coloured wire, 22.5 × 13.5 cm, 2021