Art Jewelry, Marjorie Schick, Artist  (i don't know if is polymer clay but it's sooo inspiring!)

Cool Wearables - Art Jewelry, Marjorie Schick, Artist (i dont know if is polymer clay but its sooo inspiring!

Majorie Schick Sculpture to Wear

Artist: Marjorie Schick Material: Unknown I chose this one for the playful way it incorporates the color wheel and how it creates motion.

In the jewellery world Marjorie Schick is a complete original. Over forty years she has built up an impressive oeuvre. Her colourful wood or papier-machÈ constructions make a powerful visual statement when worn as wearable objects. Book: Sculpture to Wear. The Jewelry of Marjorie Schick.

Marjorie Schick has been a major influence in the field of jewelry since the late when she created sculptural papier-mâché forms and linear "drawings to wear" inspired by the sculpture of David Smith.

Marjorie Schick Orbiting Rings

Orbiting Rings: Balancing Act Wood cut, constructed, carved, painted. photograph by Gary Pollmiller

Art to wear Marjorie Schick

Showing off with papier-maché. When the jewellery are not draped from a neck or wrist, they’re objects of art which have merit in themselves. Found on Hilarius Design website - Gallery -

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