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A jar of glitter jam with a paper cover and ribbon

This gorgeous and very special Glitter Strawberry Jam With Champagne Recipe is a great gifting idea and will look beautiful on your Christmas morning toast!

guinness chutney

Guinness chutney rich full bodied condiment for roasts, sandwiches, burgers.

Christmas pudding vodka

How to Make Christmas Pudding Flavoured Vodka. If you leave this recipe to steep for weeks, you'll end up with a gorgeous syrupy amber liquid which is deeply infused in Christmas pudding spices and flavours and deceptively strong.

Make Raspberry Gin

This is the only raspberry gin recipe you need in your life - once you make it you will want to make it over and over again!

I Am the Captain of my Soul  Embroidered by EmbroideredbySue

I'd rather have "God is the captain of my soul" The last line of William Ernest Henley's poem "Invictus" takes on a life of its own in this nautical tattoo sleeve design.