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London's burning: Ruins of a building in the shadow of St Paul's still smoulder a week after the Blitz on the city in December 1940 Vintage London, Old London, London City, Blitz London, London History, British History, Asian History, Tudor History, Ancient History

Censored for days, this picture was finally published in the Mail. Now, 70 years on, Max Hastings reveals the dramatic story behind THE iconic image of the Blitz

Today is the ­anniversary of one of the greatest photographs of World War II being taken — and of a defining ­moment in British history.

How to survive a house fire. You need smoke detectors and a sprinkler system. We Were Liars, Burning House, Be More Chill, Into The Fire, Helen Keller, Ex Machina, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Fire Safety, Water Damage

Survival Skills: How to Prep for Everyday Survival

I’ve been in a house that was on fire. I’ve had medical emergencies unfold around me. I’ve even had a man push a cocked revolver against the base of my skull and debate whether or not to pull the trigger. I’ve been blessed to survive these things and I’m here to tell you that financial collapse, zombies, and natural disasters aren’t the things you should worry about the most. We are all far more likely to face a kitchen fire, medical crisis, or robbery than a ghoul, a volcano, or monetary…