Summer reading cave - Graham Public Library

Cave - using pool noodles and duct tape for the frame, and LOTS of scotch tape and brown wrapping paper for the cover;) fasten the paper and the frame to the wall using thumbtacks -duct tape tabs for the tacks to pass through.

Role play farm shop with real ffruit and veg kids love it.

Role play farmers market (with real fruits & vegetables or pretend; if real you can having a tasting graph and sample eating contest and take some extra home to share with their families)!

Construction Play area via Walker Learning Approach: Personalised Learning ≈≈

Note the Kraft paper with provocation in proximity to the construction area. Construction Play area via Walker Learning Approach: Personalised Learning ≈≈

Understanding attachment theory, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Understanding Attachment

merit of attachment parenting, a style of parenting that emphasizes the importance attachment theory, first articulated by John Bowlby in the and expanded on by Mary Ainsworth in the and .

Outdoor areas, boats! Role play. Mayer on wheels and a robe they should hale Them selves in to shore?

Great for outdoor play in summer, for a pirate day, or summer theme Play Learning Life spotted some gorgeous crate yachts (",)

The stage EYFS outdoor area

The stage EYFS outdoor area. could use the blocks to make the stage area with a red blanket overtop

Using a corner roleplay frame, create a fire engine. Thanks to our fantastic Teaching Assistant our role play is ready for a fire station theme!

What talented teaching assistants we have! The children in EYFS loved dressing up and being firefighters. Very exciting!