Valerie Hegarty flowers and destruction says it all

Decaying- parts of graves/wreath/headstone etcFlower Frenzy (detail)

11/17/15 ☆ Artist Rachel Rickert ☆

☆ Artist Rachel Rickert ☆ …So beautiful. Replace gummy bear with something gross for an interesting close up?

My GCSE art topic is openings. I am looking at fruit and was inspired by Kamille Saabre's work. Does anyone have any ideas for a final piece to do with this painting of Kamille Saabre's. Please leave a comment with any ideas, thanks.

Open pomegranate

close-ups of vegetables: beauty, art (cabbage) - I like this because there is loads of lines and patterns to look at and the colours are pretty bright and i like how it shows everything.

Valerie Hegarty

Artiscally Ruined Murals: These Portraits by Valerie Hegarty Illustrate the Beauty in Destruction

Still Life with Watermelon, Peaches and Crows 2013 Valerie Hegarty Canvas, stretcher, paper, acrylic paint, foam, papier-mâché, wire, glue, gold foil, epoxy, fabric, thread 57” (w) x 37” (h) x 19” (d)

Still Life with Watermelon, Peaches and Crows Valerie Hegarty

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"Watermelon Tongue" by  Valerie Hegarty

Wonderfully Bizarre Sculptures of Decaying Art and Objects

Artist Valerie Hegarty creates wonderfully bizarre sculptures of decaying paintings, furniture, and other objects. She depicts her unfortunate objects melt


bhsutton: Another stunner from Valerie Hegarty’s new show at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, Figure, Flowers, Fruit (through October “Flower Frenzy”

A-level painting based on decaying fruit and veg @ HighcrestAcademy

A-level painting based on decaying fruit and veg @ HighcrestAcademy decay of produce over TIME.

Valerie Hegarty - "Decaying" Paintings >>> Amazing!

Valerie Hegarty - "Decaying" Paintings

Valerie Hegarty - "Decaying" Paintings *could I paint idealic scenes/portraits to mock the religious iconography and then destroy them in a similar way to this

the beauty of dehydrated grapes - peter lippmann. Reminds me of an article "the beauty of roadkill"

bad grapes (the beauty of dehydrated grapes - peter lippmann)

valerie hegarty booooooom blog artist art

Intentionally Decayed Art - Valerie Hegarty’s work involves copying and then modifying iconic paintings to make them look as if they have been pecked by birds, charred b.

Valerie Hegarty: Altered States in Time Out May, 2012

Valerie Hegarty, 'exploding painting' Makes me think of a Monet painting jumping out of the canvas