Annegret Soltau.

I like this as i think its unusual and captures the viewers attention. It also fits my theme of Power as in this picture the sim card is powering the person acting as a brain.

I wonder where can you get this....better than Mcdonald....haha

I fucking wish (FFFFOUND!)

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The media tells you to hate yourself so it can sell you products to fix the 'problem' you've been conditioned to think you have.

Art work by artist / graphic designer Jean Bevier titled “Operations are Standing By.” (via Beauty = Eat by Jean Bevier)

Murakami Mickey Mouse, Japanese take on American consumerism and art cultures?

Murakami Mickey Mouse, Japanese take on American consumerism and art cultures?

McDonald's #1, 2007, Li Lihong; the work combines McDonald's 'golden arches' logo, a symbol of globalised consumer culture, and traditional Chinese ceramic decorative motifs and techniques to question how traditional culture interacts with modern life. (Victoria & Albert Museum)

McDonald's #1

Li, Lihong - McDonald's China 2007 Porcelain, hand built, painted with…

This picture represents the fact that consumerism effects us since we're born

What's Really in Baby Formulas?

It's so sickening how corporations offering practically nothing of value market to children. Brainwashing at critical stages that have such a lasting and damaging effect.


"Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of everyone of its members." You dont need the barcode your license is already chipped and has REAL ID linked to it. We are not free.

Culture Jamming

These images represent an anti-consumerism/anti-capitalism attitude. Culture jamming and subvertising take well-known product images .

In recent interviews, in preparation for the opening of his own clothing store, Babenzian has been fixed on one idea in particular: that…

Life After Supreme: Noah Is the Streetwear Brand That Rejects Conspicuous Consumption

Artist: Barbara Kruger / Title: Untitled (I Shop Therefore I Am)- 1987 / In this piece, Kruger reveals how materialism has become so out of control that we identify as human not because we think, but because we buy.