Branding and Consumerism

Collection by Alice Garrard

Alice Garrard
This picture is a great representation of how consumerism affects us from a very young age. Although parents may try and hide their children from consumerism, it is everywhere, and it affects all of us. Protest Kunst, Protest Art, Culture Jamming, Satire, Satirical Illustrations, Consumer Culture, Ap Studio Art, Political Art, Ap Art

PART I: Baby’s First Encounter with Big Food

There hasn't been a newborn baby in my home for a while. My son, Ben, turned 15 last May. While feeding a teenager healthy, unprocessed food has its own host of issues, I've been thinking a lot about babies again. No, I'm not expecting. You see, in less than a month, I will be an uncle. My brother and his wife are due right around Thanksgiving, and our whole family is excited. But it has me thinking–what exactly is in some of this stuff we feed our babies? Ideally most newborns and infants…

Barbara Kruger, "I shop therefore I am" silkscreen / Like Warhol, Kruger perfectly combines mass consumption and mass culture with a mass-produced material. She replaces the credit card with a riff on Descartes, "I think therefore I am. Barbara Kruger Art, Culture Jamming, Echo Art, Photomontage, Adbusters Magazine, Frieze Magazine, Culture Art, Mass Culture, Bucket Lists

Life After Supreme: Noah Is the Streetwear Brand That Rejects Conspicuous Consumption

Supreme's former creative director, Brendon Babenzian, has opened up his own clothing store called Noah that is centered around the idea that the shit you wear might not be crucial and, at worst, might distract from what really matters.