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Alison Williams
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anchor tattoo by on @deviantART

The anchor for Hope = my late Grandmother and the forget-me-nots for Baby P. anchor tattoo by ~Henwiikka on deviantART

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love this

Dove is the symbol of peace. Dove Bird tattoos symbolize love, peace and strength. Many ink their body with Dove Bird tattoos in remembrance of someone near and dear one who has passed away.

Forget Me Nots -

Forget-me-nots. I would like mine with two flowers and one bud. The flower representing my daughter and son and the bud representing my baby I never got the chance to meet due to a miscarriage.

Forget-Me-Nots.....incorporate one blossom into Celtic knot for memorial tattoo.

Forget-Me-Nots.incorporate one blossom into Celtic knot for memorial tattoo. I love this idea for a memorial tattoo for my grandma