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Alison Kay Matthews
I have been working on my business, rather than in my business and am returning to my full name. For those of you who know me as Ali and possibly don't even know that my name is Alison. Watch this space for details of my new business which will be launching very soon.
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A Brilliant Book on Amazon
Check out this book by Matt J Rogers available on Amazon - Red Stained Wood (Heroes of Kalwyn Book 1). Click here to buy for just £1.99 or FREE on Kindle. Please leave a review once you have read it and support a local author.
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Do you need help Marketing your business?
Do you waste hours every day scrolling through Social Media without any strategy or plan? If you are hoping to attract new clients and customers, you need to understand how to do so. Let me help you to put in place an Action Plan of how to grow your business.
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Do you need a new website for your business?
If you would like a complimentary business breakthrough session, call Ali now on 07968 134048 or email us on
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Do you need a website for your business?
Are you a small business owner who needs a website, but don't have the skills to design and build one? Then let me help you. I have over 17 years experience of in designing and building websites. Take a look at my website on or email me at and let me help you.
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Declutter Your Life Membership Course
Are you surrounded by clutter in both your personal and business life? If you are, you are probably feeling stressed, overwhelmed and don't know where to start. I have a new Membership Course coming soon called Declutter Your Life. If you would like to be put on the waiting list to receive a discount on the Membership price, please email me on and put Declutter in the subject line.
Digital/Internet Marketing for your Business
Are you a business that needs someone to help you to get a presence on Social Media or the Internet? Then I can help. #business #socialmedia #marketingstrategies #internetmarketing
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It's National Relaxing Day
On National Relaxing Day, what will you be doing to relax?
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Practice Kindness Every Day
I am a great believer in Karma and treating people as you would like to be treated yourself. If you can't be anything else, be kind
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Do you keep yourself active in both body and mind?
How do you keep yourself from growing old and aging before your time? Keep your mind and body active as much as you possibly can. It improves both your health and wellbeing.
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Internet & Digital Marketing
If you are looking for help with your Internet & Digital Marketing, check out my new website. Combining Marketing with Business Coaching. - #business #marketing #coaching #digitalmarketing #internetmarketing
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Do You Need A website or a Social Media presence for your business?
a woman standing in an office smiling for the camera
Do You Need A website or a Social Media presence for your business?
Easily Share Your Work Online
Launch and sell your services to your customers with a Squarespace online store.
two women sitting in chairs holding cups and saucers with the words, the 3 - day networking challenge that will change your life
The 30-Day Networking Plan That Will Change Your Life | Classy Career Girl