Warm golden sun-colours to beautify this young women!

Avant-garde makeup / conceptual makeup / copper stripe down the face / war-paint effect / hair paint

Samburu woman profile - Kenya   By Eric Lafforgue   ::    The Samburu is closely related to the Maasai.

Samburu woman- Kenya By Eric Lafforgue. The Samburu are closely related to the Maasai.

People from the Omo valley  by Hans Silvester ::  born in 1938 in Lörrach, Germany.  He's a famous reporter and also an environmental activist.

From Hans Silvester's exhibition Natural Fashion. People of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

rice planting ceremony, japan

elemenop: japan rice planting ceremony (by FriskoDude) Once a year, Japanese farmers perform a traditional rice-planting ceremony to insure good crops for the summer growing season

Nyangatom tribe, southern Sudan and Ethiopia

South Sudan/Ethiopia - Nyangatom man with special scarification, which means he has killed a lot of enemies

Hessian Trachten

Colorized portrait of a mother and her children wearing traditional clothes and headdress of Hessian Trachten, Hessen, Germany

Ganesha: Lord of Success by Valentina

Gorgeous Ganesha: Lord of Success iphone case, but you can also get in a print, canvas, hoodie,etc.

Hairstyle Card, Japan, 1910.

Multi-view Postcard of Hairstyles worn by Osaka Geiko .Hairstyles of Geiko (Geisha) from Osaka, as at least two of the models are showing the mon (crest) of Tonda-ya (Tonda geisha house) in Osaka.

Actress, Saigon, 1900s

Vintage Photographs of Pre-Revolution China, - Cholon Actress, Cholon, Saigon, French Cochinchina Attribution Unk

The Kabul Bride, Self-portrait, 2005. Courtesy of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Kimiko Yoshida, The Kabul Bride, 2005 -- White - Portrait - Culture - Editorial - Photography

she's beautiful, and that headpiece is stunning.

ORIGINAL PINNER SAID: EPIC HAT. This headdress is like a kokoshnik on steroids with a side of acid! I adore it…particularly the fact that the model looks like she’s wearing a daydress and is totally blase about what’s on her head.

Geiko Tomigiku,Kyoto, 1920s

Geiko Tomigiku dressed for the Miyako Odori Tomigiku in a dancing pose for the Miyako Odori (Cherry Dance) in Kyoto. By Blue