100% student project. GCSE Artist research page analysing portraiture and eyes by Samantha Li
DRAWN in colored pencil!!
These're chalk drawings, not photos.
A great IB Visual Arts project by Naomi Ng from Sha Tin College, Hong Kong
Mark Powell - doodling on envelopes. Stunning.
bic biro Drawing on a 1878 newspaper - musch more beyond/ besides information/ data - social ong
Outstanding sketchbook pages by Australian student Heesu Kim, VCE studio arts folio
#Beautiful Colored Pencil #Drawing by Christina Papagianni depicting a young girl with striking eyes and an orange flower.
Maggie (2007), Sue Rubira

More ideas
Pencil work by Christina Papagianni!Stunning!
Skin, Kim Anderson
For Your Eyes Only
Water on Face
Color Pencil Drawing.  Beautiiful art work.  KatelynGarcia's board "inspirational ideas" 12/20/13.
Realistic Pencil Portraits | Most Realistic Pencil Drawings | Decent Pics
"Sensazioni" - Diego Fazio, progressive studio artwork {contemporary artist beautiful #hyperreal female head woman face photorealism portrait b+w drawing} <3 http://diegokoi.deviantart.com/art/Sensazioni-331828679?q=gallery:diegokoi/25937209=0