Oh, cool pictures… Wait what?

Vibrant drawing by Ester Roi -uses what's called an Icarus Drawing Board technique where wax-based media are used to draw a picture, after which the drawing is exposed to heat that softens and melts the wax, creating a visual effect similar to a painting.

Saatchi Online Artist: Karin Johannesson; Watercolor, 2011, Painting "Orchids 1"

These are gorgeous. Orchid Watercolor by Karin Johannesson It would make a gorgeous watercolor tattoo

I like the sketching technique. Despite been 'rough', it looks finished and complete.

Floral illustration with pen/pencil I would add some poppies then this would be an awesome watercolour tat

colored pencil art - Bing Images

Sublime Winter Onions - art print of a still life color pencil drawing by Jo Bradney // kitchen art gift for hostess and gourmet


A simple partially-peeled lemon by Michael Naples is so eye-catching that it is pure art. Well balanced, too.


CATH RILEY ~ perfume This work is good as it shows me how I can make it look like there something in the jar this looks because it shows where the Delete repeated word light is hitting the glass

Exploring a wide range of organic forms within a visually cohesive fruit and vegetables theme, Sucha's artwork contains a wide range of textures, shapes and patterns. Shadows and highlights communicate vast depth, with tone built up in layers. Compositions emphasise not only the fruit and vegetables, but the deep shadows and spaces between them.

Phenomenal Fruit Drawings: AP Studio Art

AP Studio Art concentration - drawings of fruit. These coloured pencil drawings were completed by Sucha Chantaprasopsuk, as part of her AP Studio Art Drawing qualification at Reavis High School. She was awarded full marks.

Watercolor by Shari Blaukopf. Try something like this as a simple exercise in drawing and tonal values. Set up still life next week for class.

Marni Maree

This is by Marni Maree. I particularly like cropped images, where you really concentrate on the structure of the flower.

Dahlia / Piet Mondrian - circa 1920-1925

dappledwithshadow: “Dahlia Piet Mondrian circa Private collection Painting - watercolor Height: cm in.