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Ikke så glad i masse speil på soverommet for det er litt dårlig feng shui :P men når det er smoky glass funker det bedre synes jeg!
fab bin store from blue stem gardens
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art window come, i hope the window in the door opens alone too. steal and glass win!
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LOFTS @ma_daniela1987 ... Sacaron la idea directamente de mi cabeza con lujo de detalle!!!
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Hmmm... Small bike shed in front of house? Green roof would be prett from kitchen window
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At first glance this just appears like a well-organized wardrobe closet, but if you take a closer look you'll see one of the most creative closets ever! Designed by Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design, the clean, modern closet design features a flat screen on one of the sliding doors. Brilliant use of space! Great work Lisa! (Link | Via)
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