Alison Hanna
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Steampunk giraffe designed and built by artist Andrew Chase:: it'd be awesome for my paper mâché project if "showing under the skin" of the giraffe were mechanical aspects. A mechanical eye. Hardware instead of bones and muscles and ligaments and tendons.

Edouard Martinet’s Metal Animals Sculptures

Witty Horseshoe Crab Sculpture is created entirely of re-purposed metals - even actual horseshoes! Stands firmly upon six legs crafted of old garden tools Appropriate for indoors our outdoors (it is designed to rust naturally)…

Peacock Metal Sculpture Yard Bird Garden Art by rustaboutcreations, $84.99

Peacock Metal Sculpture Yard Bird Garden Art by rustaboutcreations -- the beauty of a peacock without their horrible screeching sound

the mouth is a wire cutter, body shovel, feet a small garden rake, not sure about hair.

owl garden art- so cute gives me ideas for embellishing the tree owl- and It would only need the shovel for the body and something for the feet- where can I find a broken old shovel?