Maps are an interesting motif of a journey,however I think they add too much business in a lot of pieces,and so detail has to be cut out of the subject,such as tone and shadowing in this piece shown. It represents a physical journey throughout a place, and provides a detailed canvas,however I do not think I would carry this idea forward to a final piece.

New maps illustrations by Ed Fairburn

Incredible New Portraits Carved from Old Military Maps - Stafford Lane by Ed Fairburn via My Modern Metropolis

Portraits On Maps

Portraits On Maps

funny-maps-portrait-painting-faces-texturess maybe im a fangirl but this reminds me of Gaea in the heroes of Olympus series

Work by Erin Endicott on Textile Design and Designer`s Platform

Work by Erin Endicott on Textile Design and Designer`s Platform. This textiles piece of work interests me as I like how the brown and darker parts of it look as it looks like a real map. The contour lines help to convey this

Shunde City: Master Plan  |  OMA Location: Shunde City, Guangdong, China

Good architecture and urban planning from conception to actualization allows for a greater probability that the multitude of complex systems woven into the operation and behaviors of a city functions ideally.

Art Quilt Maps,,,I would like to do an aerial view of the neighborhood from childhood. or favorite areas maybe use Google Maps. Awesome ideas for Gifts.

Art Quilt Maps

Valerie S. Goodwin –– Your world, reimagined in visionary quilted maps Transform the places you love—and places you’ve always imagined or wanted to see—into hypnotic art quilts. Award-winning artist V

Derek Lerner | Asvirus 39 - 2013

ARTFINDER: Asvirus 39 by Derek Lerner - 2013 ink on paper mounted to wood panel x 5 x in. Wood panel is a re-purposed/recycled/reused/reclaimed cigar box and ready to hang.

Again here shows the use of portraiture using the map as the canvas.

Ed Fairburn's Map Art Portraits

Stunning Ink and Pencil Portraits on Maps - Great Creative Imagination project. All students would be given a paper map for this project.

"map" drawings are by British architect/ cartographer/ illustrator Nigel Peake

intricate "map" drawings are by British architect/ cartographer/ illustrator Nigel Peake.

Lyon in Mondrian style, by MondrianMapArt #map #mondrian #lyon

Lyon Map Art / Lyon, France Wall Art / Print / Poster / Modern Home and Office Decor