Teach Them To Fly: Oh The Places We Will Go!

Great for the end of the year scrapbooks. have fun talking about what students want to be when they are older, then make look like they are flying somewhere fun with a balloon.

This book would be good to have available during open house, parent teacher conferences, or parent welcoming area.

Jean's Learning Through Play - great ideas for home school connections. Love the learning through play book to make and share with parents. Would also be good as a power point presentation during open house.

Ideas on setting up a classroom or a room in a child care environment.

Love this idea for First Day of school Picture. great for at home or a class. Also love the idea of taking a chalk board, dry erase board on vacation and having a child write where they are or what they like. Sort of like capturing a caption.

Make a sensory walk with cutting boards and lots and lots of hot glue!

Sesory walk made out of plastic breadboards and mountains of hot glue. The boards are covered with fine sandpaper, scrubbing sponges, some kind of foamy material used to keep rugs from slipping, a mop and flat glass stones.

Toddler Deep Blue Sea theme: octupus board...disregard the number of legs - there wasn't enough room for all 8!!! But what a display :)

Ocean display idea - could get the children to make the legs in busy bee time