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Ocean Themed Crafts for Kids

Under water sensory bottle.  All you need is baby oil, water coloured with blue food gel and some underwater creatures. So cheap and fun to make with your class. EYFS

Love this sensory bottle for an ocean theme! Oil, water with blue food coloring and ocean themed objects.

Seaside Song Book - this resource contains a small selection of popular seaside songs.

A small selection of popular seaside songs, which can be printed out double sided and made into a class book, or just used as lyrics on the IWB. Two versions depending on which fonts you have!

Creative jelly fish!

Pre-k How to Make Your Own Jellyfish Kids Craft! Let the kids make some jellyfish out of paper plates and ribbon. Hang them up and let the deep sea adventures begin! Now, I have that song "Under the Sea" stuck in my head. Dang you LIL Mermaid!

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