Incredible ALJRJ-Awesomeness

Incredible ALJRJ-Awesomeness

Incredible ALJRJ-Awesomeness
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Kakashi hatake

Rewatching Naruto before I start Naruto Shippuden I forgot how much I love this show

"I understand" is far more powerful than "Cheer up" or "You'll get over it".

Naruto vs Gaara was such a sad fight and at the end I was crying so much

Eyes Of Naruto World

This is the first Naruto eye chart I've ever seen without the shitty ones made by anime nerd ( which i am )<<<<<hey the word is otaku thank you very much

Naruto Eyes

Naruto eyes (top to bottom): rennigan, sharingan, kyuubi, and hyuuga

Naruto and Sasuke. This is funny and cute.

Naruto & Sasuke - Naruto: "Finish the heart" Sasuke: *flips off* Naruto: "Why are you so mean to me">> does anyone notice the fact that it's

Akatsuki...where's Kisame and Tobi?

so I knew the akatsuki was made up by these guys but I didn't know that their names literally spelled out akatsuki