Freakin' amazing 3d modeling

RU -> Robots -> SKRobot Really got me to laugh on this but this piece inspires me.

Mr. President :)

Shockingly Realistic Sculpture Portrays Abraham Lincoln

Artist Kazuhiro Tsuji creates portrait sculptures of famous figures that are astonishingly lifelike. He creates the hyperrealistic sculptures from a variet

Joshua Harker - Coleoptera Filigre Beetle (Large)

Beetle Sculpture Coleoptera Filigre small by JoshHarker on Etsy

Liking their stuff it is so simple, straight forward and it is FREE!

Sculptris is an elegant, powerful and yet easy to use sculpting software, allowing the artist in you to simply focus on creating amazing artwork. Gone are the technical and often tedious constraints typically associated with digital art.

Benefik - Josh Harker - 3D printing art  #sculpture  #art #skull

Joshua Harker is raising funds for Anatomica di Revolutis on Kickstarter! This piece is about a revolution & the emancipation of the . JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

The most realistic 3d character so far

Musician’s Portrait, created by Akin Bilgic using MARI, Maya, VRay and ZBrush.


I saw Prometheus a few times and i really enjoyed the effects. But something i wanted to try was the different moods the illumination on the movie has.