Haha Tristian's grrr face

The Vamps - James Mcvey , Connor Ball , Tristan Evans an Brad Simpson. i got this pic on a poster

James :)

Read "please don't leave me ever. (the vamps/ James Mcvey fanfic) - I don't want my heart broken" it is amazing i think


The Vamps - So you get Tristan and Connor being normal then you get pouty James and then you get whatever the hell Brad is doing.

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Bradley Will Simpson

the vamps lead singer brad, will someday be my husband. JK (not) he will be my husband!

Fuck my life. The Vamps + One Direction + 5SOS = the end of me [Plus more than a few reasons to be a fangirl]

The Vamps + One Direction + = the end of me [Plus more than a few reasons to be a fangirl] connor of the vamps

Is anyone else as attracted to Brad, Tristan, and Conner's hilarious faces as I am?

This is another one of my favourite bands(one direction are still top of my list!), they are.THE VAMPS. The Vamps consist of 4 members, (from left to right) James McVey, Connor Ball, Brad Simpson and Tristan Evans.


We're the vamps, I'm brad, this is Jaffa cake, and this is our Bruno mars mashup cover.

The vamps

Love the vamps so cute x ❤ the topless pic of brad males it even better

Awww so cute | The Vamps

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