I want a print of this for my room... Fernando Vicente

There is something so disturbingly beautiful about these. Human Anatomy by Fernando Vicente.

every chakra relates to a particular body organ. imbalance in a chakra can eventually lead to imbalance in an organ. preventative medicine=clean and clear your chakras regularly and notice what is coming up.

Scientific Illustration of the internal organs of a human body. Most people are repulsed by this. I think the human body is so Amazing, Fascinating but weak.

We are all already dead anyway. Thinking of you, Keith.

Illustrations by Mizenscen

Ben Frost Mixes Art with Drugs - and the packages are brilliant. | http://www.ifitshipitshere.com/ben-frost-proves-drugs-art-mix-well-painted-pharmaceutical-packages/

Ben Frost Mixes Drugs and Art With His Painted Pharmaceutical Packages.

‎'Your corpse is beautiful XXXXIV', by Mia-Jane Harris. Part of a series in which she takes close-up photographs of medical specimens of human cadavers to reveal beauty in death.

This picture is mesmerising. The different qualities of depth and texture created by shapes and light. the colours are relaxed, calming and sensual. It looks like sea enemies and coral.

I want to peel back my skin and let the water rush in...

Strikingly Realistic Anatomical Art

In the photo-realistic series Anatomical Self-Dissections, artist Danny Quirk depicts several subjects performing dissections on their own bodies.

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