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Band Dresses!!! Can I have one of OM&M SWS BVB BMTH ATL & PTV please??;)

Classic rock tees turned into dresses / rock n roll / classic rock / classic rock bands / band tees / band tee dresses / dresses / rocker fashion / rocker style / rocker outfit / rocker chic

Bands omg. YES<3

Sleeping with sirens, Pierce the veil, bring me the horizon, suicide silence, falling in reverse god I love this so much.

These people are amazing and they are important people to me because they make amazing music and they have problems like everyone else.

kellin quinn sleeping with sirens alex gasgarth all time low hayley williams paramore tony perry pierce the veil gerard way my chemical romance austin carlile of mice and men oliver oli sykes bring the horizon vic fuentes pierce the veil