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a green and white harp with an intricate design on the front, standing upright against a white background
a large wooden harp with strings on it
an ornately decorated wooden harp on display
Victor Salvi 25th Anniversary - Salvi Harps - Pedal Harps & Lever Harps
an ornately decorated golden harp on the water's edge in front of a white background
a woman holding a large wooden harp in her hands
an old metal harp is on display against a gray background
OMG that Artifact!
Cláirseach John Kelly, 1734, Ireland The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
two people playing a musical instrument with their hands on the strings and one person touching the strings
★ mine is the night, with all her stars ★: Photo
a blue harp with gold strings on a gray background
The 38-String Delight Carbon Fiber 10lbs harp. Any color or finish!
a blue and white harp sitting on the side of a road next to bushes with flowers
36 string Cobra Dance Harp designed and built by Hoi Kwon
a purple and green harp sitting on top of a carpet
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The Elfin Harp - Caswell Harps
a pink harp sitting on top of a lush green field next to rocks and trees
Magus 39 Andrew Thom Harpmaker
a woman in black dress holding a red and black harp with intricate designs on it
Red and black
a large wooden harp sitting on top of a black table next to a gray wall
musica, liuteria, intaglio...
Folk harp by Paola Brancato. 30 carbon strings of pure, ravishing beauty.