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WISH WISH WISH :A Few of My Favourite Things #7

A Few of My Favourite Things #7 (WishWishWish)

Favourite Things It’s time for another one! A little roundup of a few of my favourite bits and bobs of the moment, including some beauty, homeware, arty bits and as usual, eats! Inevitably this post

My Five Favourite Lush Products (WishWishWish)

Simple Recipes: Chocolate Mug Cake (WishWishWish)

Chocolate Mug Cake 4 tsp flour 4 tsp sugar 2 tsp cocoa 2 tsp oil 3 tsp water -microwave for 1 to minutes. -(add chocolate chips or splash of cream if desired)

Kikki.K: My New Stationery Obsession (WishWishWish)

Inspiration Now, I was planning on holding out with my gushing over stationery brand Kikki.K until my next favourite things post, but after a second trip to the shop, I realised I probably had too muc