I'm kind of obsessed with shelves, some day I will have book shelves, and shoe shelves, and just random shelves to hold all the random stuff I've collected over the years, AND it's a space saver

Under Stairs Storage - A popular use of a basement is for a media room or den. This under the stairs storage is slick and chic! Interesting shelving and easy reach makes it such a viable choice.

I have my white dishes displayed on a black shelf like this but I never thought to put the glasses up there, gonna try it.

7 Kitchen Spots You're Forgetting To Decorate

"Concrete cubbies might not be your first choice for storing porcelain, but the chunky concrete shelving unit is gorgeous. The floor in the kitchen of this house in Sri Lanka, by architect Geoffrey Bawa, is polished concrete interior design

April and May Kitchen Storage

How three design-savvy food lovers created kitchens built for all their friends.