Tea obsession

I have a bit of an obsession with tea and this board is about the amazing teas I've enjoyed and the general appreciation of the art of tea.
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i am not adicted to tea we are just in a very limited relationship
Tea Lovers
Tiny person in a giant mug of tea. "Tea makes everything better." #gt Debbie Tung, Mug Of Tea, Tiny Person, Tea Riffic, Photography Coffee
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Tiny person in a giant mug of tea. "Tea makes everything better." #gt
a woman holding a cup of tea with the words tea in front of her face
Anybody with me?
a cross stitch pattern with words in the shape of a coffee cup
Let's Do Tea- could make for Gramma's birthday- but on the bottom saucer where it says tea-tea-tea, it should say "tea for two, and two for tea"
books stacked on top of each other with a note pinned to them
Well balanced life
a stack of books with a coffee cup on top and the words keep calm, drink tea and read books
I'll take hot chocolate please...and a blanket.
an advertisement for instant human tea, with the words just add tea in black and white
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the quote behind every successful woman, is a substanial amount of tea on purple background
literally & figuratively
a tea cup sticker with the words powered by tea in white and blue on it
Tea Ware
Powered by Tea Sticker
a piece of cardboard with the words, i expect i shall feel better after tea
a coffee cup with the words, all i need is one morning up of tea
Truth all I need is one massive cup of tea
a woman sitting on the ground next to a tea pot
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