"'The Hole in the Road' became part of Sheffield folklore from its construction in 1967 to its demolition in 1994. Its 27 year history saw it as memorable facet of the city for a variety of reasons that merged together in a loose fashion. As a 'residual jungle', the inclusion of a large and solitary fish tank was part of the allure of the underground structure."

scavengedluxury: Castle Square, AKA the “Hole in the Road”, Sheffield, late Click the link… I just love Black and White photos

Park Hill housing estate in Sheffield, England by Hawkins Brown

Park Hill housing estate is one of Sheffield's most iconic buildings. Looming over the city behind the train station, the flats are what welcome you to Sheffield if you leave the motorway at the City Centre exit.

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London Road Sheffield During WWII Marks and Spencer were housed in an old cinema.I remember shopping there with my mother. The building has since been much altered and is now a Sainsbury Local !