Amanda McCreight

Amanda McCreight

Amanda McCreight
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Dressing the Tudor Way

Dressing the Tudor lady. I did a bunch of research and tried out some new techniques in Photoshop. Overall I'm pretty darn pleased .

Tudor Fireplace

Fireplace in Little Moreton Hall, a moated half-timbered manor house 4 miles southwest of Congleton in Cheshire.

Mme du Barry's apartments, Versailles

Jeanne Bécu, comtesse du Barry August 1743 – 8 December was the last Maîtresse-en-titre of Louis XV of France and one of the victims of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. Mistress of Louis XV.

The many faces of Antoinette.

Marie Antionette - Queen of France. Hedonistic villain, naive victim of circumstance.this woman has been the focus of endless discussions and debates as to her role in history, but one thing cannot be disputed ~ she has not been forgotten!