Redcurrant and red onion relish recipe, from BBC Food.

Redcurrant & red onion relish

Redcurrant red onion relish recipe Made 6 Jan 2013 - double recipe, made enough to fill three jam jars.

Pink Patisserie: Red Currant Mazarin Tart

Pink Patisserie: Red Currant Mazarin Tart - Mazarin Tarts hail from Scandinavia and feature light almond filling with fruit, (most often raspberries) and a flaky, sweet shortcrust.

la tartine gourmande - food & drink - food - dessert - red currant almond tartlets

la tartine gourmande - food & drink - food - dessert - red currant almond tartlets - scroll all the way down!

Creme De Cassis Currant Liqueur) Recipe -

Creme De Cassis (Currant Liqueur)

I love the subtle black currant flavor of creme de cassis. Delicious in desserts, baked goods or drizzled over ice cream. Mix an ounce or 2 with your favorite carbonated beverage for a lite refreshing cocktail.

Redcurrant and gooseberry jam @ I only had 200g redcurrants from the garden. I used 600g gooseberries, 300ml water, 400g Jam sugar & 400g granulated sugar. Simmered and then blended in Blendtec and sieved back into pan before bringing to set point. This removed the very hard redcurrant seeds which I personally don't like in my jams.

Redcurrant and gooseberry jam

Redcurrant and gooseberry jam .no pectin required and uses under ripe gooseberries.

redcurrant curd

Red Currant Curd: For of red currant purée, I used sugar, 6 egg yolks and unsalted butter.

Redcurrant Almond Cake

This Redcurrant Almond Cake may look unremarkable but gets compliments from everyone. Adapted from

Redcurrant & Rosemary Chutney

Red Currant and Red Onion Chutney - A delicious sweet chutney, perfect for every occasion.

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