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Old Window Repurposed Into Planters

DIY Old Window Planters.using windows, chains & window boxes. Makes such a nice statement where there is no natural window (side of house/garage)

How to Weatherproof a Garden Mirror, Flexible Sealer used to protect garden mirror.

How to Weatherproof a Garden Mirror

How to Weatherproof a Garden Mirror - An inexpensive thrift store mirror hung on a garden fence is a great way to add character and visually expand a small garden.

find a pair of old shutters and an old window and replace the glass with a mirror to reflect all the beauty in your garden. Great for a small garden or to lighten a dark corner

Find a pair of old shutters and a window (yard sale!) replace the window panes with a mirror and display it in your garden to reflect all the beauty.

Hmm, tänk om man skulle ha ett vindskyddsplank invid uteplatsen med fönster i för att inte gå miste om utsikten och ljuset? Och så lite klätterväxter som här!

Three Dogs in a Garden: 10 Great Ways to Dress up a Wall or Fence Great way to repurpose our old window. perhaps a little spray paint to create the mirror.

Mirrored windows & window-boxes to add character and colour to a garden wall or fence

A planter with a mirrored window to add a little life and color to an interior? Mirrored windows & window-boxes to add character and colour to a garden wall or fence

Modern Shed, yes, when we weren't making lights, Ryan and I created Modern Shed

raised walkways and modern garage/studio- like the idea of raised decking with garden down

Using mirrors in gardens to create more "space" visually, to bring in more light! (I have been getting free leftover mirror from friends and using it in my bookcases, my garden, in art!)

Using Mirrors in the Garden

outdoor mirrors & lounging, could have a large mirror next to caravan fencing to hide it and reflect back living area outside

6 Garden Solutions to Turn Your Tiny Outdoor Space Into a Small Paradise http://2via.me/LxPRZtyT11

Garden mirrors create an illusion of space, making them a great solution for small gardens.

les miroirs au jardin : effet de surprise garanti et tableau changeant au fil des saisons . #love

French Grey Wooden Shuttered Window Mirror

Love the idea.>>>>On a garden wall or fence place a mirror inside a shuttered window frame to give a small garden more depth and allow you to see more of the garden from an inside window

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