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This activity of recreating 'the three little pigs story' displays childrens ability to construct as well as story telling, this activity also demonstrates high expectations of children within play experiences. and could be utilised within a play setting.

My reading area for Reception

Classroom Decor (reading corner) **instead of a circus theme it could be a rain cloud with streamers of rain drops**

Autumn Investigation Area

Autumn Investigation Area, another nice idea, could adapt this with feely bags on the display.

Fairytale Castle role-play classroom display photo - Photo gallery - SparkleBox

Fairytale Castle role-play classroom display photo - Photo gallery - SparkleBox knights and dragons topic

LOVE this for a Three Little Pigs house role play area!

I think it's made out of cardboard boxes with the tubes glued on top, but I love it.---this could be fun for when we do "buildings" the three little pigs stick house

3 Little Pigs Retelling Idea (from Passionate About Play on FB:

3 little pigs story sack idea. Love the idea of Story Sacks at a reading center! Just enough props (and the book) for kids to re-tell the story.

Fun ideas for science linked to The Gingerbread Man. Make a bridge for the gingerbread man, soak gingerbread men in different substances and more.

The Gingerbread Man Science Activities

Make a simple guitar and set up fun and easy sound science experiments for kids. How do sounds sound different in different rooms.

Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: The End of the School Year 2013-2014...

Need to get some pics of local buildings and architecture to laminate and put in the block area for kids to build instead of just building "houses & castles".

I wouldn't use toilet roll tubes, but using a hole punch to create threading activities is a great idea

I have straws and am collecting the rolls (Stephanie) Homemade tinker toys in the library - No budget? Use toilet paper or paper towel tubes and straws to make your own building components for a library center!

More ideas