Tin can candle holders made from recycled tin cans!

Tin can candle holders made from recycled cans - got to do this. Larger cans can be used as herb plant holders

Strictly trimmed shapes and regimented floral plantings can replicate the formality of a palace garden, but in the smaller confines of a normal yard. Symmetry and sharply trimmed shrubs or edges are the defining marks of a formal garden. Try using mass plantings under a tree or creating a shaped planting area along the driveway to add some formality to your space.

Landscaped Backyard - manicured shrubs and mulched beds framed by a tall privacy fence - Landscaping Style, via Puddy's House

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Garden markers.

Vintage Silverware Garden Markers Set of three Peppers Tomatoes Eggplant silver plated flatware as seen on Lauren Conrad