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a drawing of a man and woman holding each other in front of gold sequins
Passing the Torch - Florentine Gold+UV Print
This print is part of my new special print lineup! Every print has been crafted with special add-ons that I have meticulously placed and altered. Each large print has accents of Florentine gold, which creates a textural swirl to the golden areas. And throughout the piece there are "Raised UV" areas and lines, which create a touchable gel-like texture to the piece. "Passing the Torch" This print will be my 2024 exclusive limited edition, meaning at the end of this year, it will no longer be av
several different lines that are drawn on paper
an illustration of birds flying over a castle in the sky with trees and buildings on it
Art Is The Weapon — The Lost Temple by Galhad
The Lost Temple by Galhad - fazer a parte desenhada com o artbook justamente com o contorno
a page from the comic strip, showing two women and one man in jail cell
Huntress 1 pg15 by 0boywonder0 on DeviantArt