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a living room filled with furniture and large windows
Discover Nothic: The Hottest Blend of Gothic and Scandinavian Interior Design Trends - axxla interior design
In the ever-evolving world of interior design, a new trend is taking center stage: Nothic. This innovative style is a harmonious blend of the dark, mysterious elements of Gothic design and the minimalist, nature-inspired aspects of Scandinavian design.
an empty hallway with dark walls and wood flooring is lit by candle lights from the chandelier
an outdoor patio with lots of greenery on the walls and wooden flooring, surrounded by large windows
Outdoor Serenity: Modern Luxury Backyard Escapes
two different types of fish tanks with plants and rocks in them, one is filled with water
a bedroom with black walls, plants and pictures on the wall
Cozy Spring Decor: Bring Warmth to Your Home with Seasonal Touches #SpringHomeDecor #CozyLiving
a black chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Ngala Trading
an ornate kitchen with black cabinets and gold accents
a large glass house sitting on top of a lush green field
My Birthday Celebration in Ireland at Ballyfin Demesne
Victorian Gothic mudroom in gorgeous deep colors. Interior Design, Dark Home Decor, Gothic Home Decor, Painted Brick House, Mudroom
Gothic Mudroom